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I love New York

5 Aug



Redeemer pres in am. The worship was sublime. Anne and Mason went to Potted Potter,a two person off Broadway Monty Pythonesque romp through about 5000 pages of Harry Potter in 70 minutes while I took Caden to hunt for dinosaurs and gummy worms at FAO Schwarz. We then had dinner at Bobby Flay’s ode to the American Grill- Bar Americain. That glazed , eyes closed smile on Mason is the post-prandial expression of bliss after 12 oz. of succulent NY strip with Bar Americain glaze and two desserts – pistachio creme brûlée and German chocolate cake with coconut cream.


The summer of love

5 Aug




3 Aug

Caden James loves Spiderman, despite never having read a Spiderman comic nor having seen a Spiderman movie. Which would he have selected if the store had carried dinosaur-sheets? Good question. He was so enthusiastic about the sheets
that he brought them to school for show and tell.


Sissy hits the road

3 Aug

We bought the kids a car… The Beamer! Tori has been logging many hours behind the Beamer Wheel, including U turns and Market street. Here she is pumping gas for the first time. We were in our way to Figure Eight Island.


Mason’s formal

2 Aug

Here is a picture of Mason before his Eighth grade formal dance. Notice the duct tape flower. Notice that he is wearing pants (he seems to have come to the realization that you don’t have to be cold in cool weather to be a cool dude). And, notice that he is taller than his mother. When did that happen?


37 puzzles

2 Aug

When we returned from taking Sissy-Bobo to summer camp, Caden and Mummy decided to do every single one of our puzzles. That’s 37 puzzles. Mummy does the sorting and Caden does (most of the) piecing together.
It only took two weeks!



2 Aug

3/5’s of the family is very fond of gummies. Interestingly, that fraction includes all the Y chromosomes.
When Sissy went on a trip to Raleigh, she came home with a nice new pair of shorts for herself, and a few dinosaur shaped gummies for her smallest brother. Caden could not have been happier!