Duncan sheik

28 Nov


What an amazing night . Dinner at manna and then a fantastic concert with my favorite singer .


Bob and my homies chillin downtown

27 Nov



Back to the future

14 Oct


I played golf for the first time in a few years last month and got the itch to start playing again. In an auspicious omen, I went to play it again sports and found my old golf bag for sale. Got the remaining clubs on eBay including this sweet Nike 56 deg black sand wedge and Method putter.


Between doing yoga 4-5 times a week, and playing tennis once a week, that doesn’t leave much time for golf which is part of the master plan. A small dose – just enough to remain immune from the temptation to play regularly and ruin the hard work of rehabbing my back.


50 is the new 40

27 Jun

50 is the new 40

A’s 40th bday party. Before Trinity, before moving to Holly Glen, before C. Wonder what the next decade will have in store for us.


A once was lost but now is found

24 Jun

A once was lost but now is found

June 20, 2006

I got A a GPS system today. She’s driving to DC this weekend for M’s baby shower and the kids are sure that she’s going to get lost. She’s brilliant in most other areas but when it comes to directions, she’s a little like Lucy. So I demonstrated it for her and the kids this evening. We plugged in a route to Trinity and just for fun, we drove past friendly voice’s recommended turn. The GPS took a second to recognize this and replotted another alternate route. The kids wer blown away and it took A a moment for the realization to set in. No more getting lost!!!!! “This changes everything, “ she gasped in with some amazement.