More red and black

24 Jun


Red-head and black hair. Paleface princess and Indian superwarrior-  I give you Khan Noomien Singh and Lt. Marla McGivers.
This is another  that I stumbled across of the  archetype. I started watching Star Trek in England back in 1971. This was my favorite episode for obvious reasons. Khan was the best villain that Star Trek ever produced.  This was an inspired   parody .  
Khan’s got great pecs and he quotes  Milton.    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan- the best of all the Star Trek movies (why were all the even numbered Star Trek movies the good ones?).  Indeed my life is probably a subconscious balancing  of the themes of this episode- East/West, science/faith, reason/passion.
Unfortunately Khan is a villain.  Perhaps, however, as Daniel Amen might point out-  he’s got a brain problem- perhaps a temporal lobe abnormality that impairs his ability to make healthy choices. And it’s not a happy ever after story- the doomed lovers  are cast off  in proverbial Eden- Ceti Alpha 5- and everyone knows how that turned out. 

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