20 Jun

Caesar salad  jicama shell, parmesan crisps, premium spanish anchovy, classic dressing

ivy creek turnips, fenugreek sauce, pink peppercorn, fried bread 

olivette farm radishes, cultured ramp butter, nasturtium 

sautéed olivette farm spring greens, lardons, pickled vidalia onion, poached egg, cornbread crumble 

grilled hen of the wood mushrooms, sesame oil, fish sauce, orange zest, garlic cream 

grilled squid, cauliflower, almond, oregano 
steamed clams from clammer dave, benton’s bacon, smoked cream, tarragon, noble cider 
‘sweet tea’ brined quail, pecan, burnt honey, cipollini onion, marigold 
grilled steak**, daily cut of dry aged apple brandy beef, pecan and roasted red pepper sauce 
house-made french fries, rocket sauce

desserts by Carmen Vaquera

peanut pie, blueberry-rye whiskey compote, corn ice cream, goat milk caramel, sweet crème fraîche

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