Aug 27, 2006

24 Jun
We had another fine day at the beach. The water was absolutely perfect- warm, refreshing, nice body surfing waves. We invented a game called wave bowling. Catch a wave and try to bodysurf into a family member- 2 points for every crash.  Loads of fun.  The kids are getting to be great swimmers- much more confident in the ocean.  They can both do butterfly now- and can swim circles around their old man.   I’m sure that they got their swimming genes from A.  
Went to old chicago for deep dish pizza this evening. Tori got her usual Hawaiian pizza, Mason- praise the Lord- is a pizza maniac.  This from a boy who wouldn’t touch the stuff just a couple of years ago.
I won two tennis matches this weekened. Although I won both by convincing scores (against 3.5 players),  I ‘m still struggling with my serve. My toss seems to have the yips. Perhaps I should try some propanolol before playing. Image

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