July 1, 2008

24 Jun
So I decided to get myself a new ride for a Father’s day present.  The Touareg was acting finicky-  with tire pressure monitors telling me I had a flat tire for no reason.  Couldnt get a good trade in on a Prius, so I went in a different direction-  a dream car.   Made in Coventry, but owned by brownies.  Anglophilic Indians living in the US of A , rejoice .  Your car is here.  May I introduce to you the Jaguar XF.   Schweeeeeeet.   I drove up to Cary two weeks ago and settled into a luxurious, pliant, supple silver rocket ship which is now mine for the next 36 months for the measly pittance of 12 dollars a day.  Pshaw,   lunch money, I say.  I drove home at 90 and felt like it was slow motion. Guys come up to me in the parking lot to admire it.    It is a blast to drive. Tight, fast, sleek, elegant.  I am now a Jaguar aficionado .
I took A out the first night and we had Radiohead- Hail to the Thief playing –   nice, and he opened it up on I-40.    What a rush.  M wants one when he grows up.  He will have to become a doctor now.  Ha ha.  T and A are less impressed. Anne is happy it has 5 seats though. So I got that going for me.

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