July 14, 2006

24 Jun
I started wearing cologne in my freshman year of college. It was Paco Rabanne- I liked the advert for it and also wanted to impress my fashionista college girlfriend L with my good taste-.  I moved on to Cacharel for men, my signature scent from 1984 on. I discovered it on a trip to England and Sweden to study socialized medicine- and came back from Europe with a mullet and Cacharel. It had a distinct sandalwood tone and was intoxicating without being overpowering. Cacharel for men is not being made anymore from what I can gather so I’ll have to stockpile some so that I can still smell it when I’m old and grey.  I read about my latest scent- Dolce and Gabbana on a musclehead message board that I used to frequent. It took several tester cards from the Independence mall to sway me to consider starting to wear something else.  I like the way it lingers and decays.  It has a beautiful finish. I can’t smell the pepper but I can pick up the nutmeg, sandalwood and lavender notes. Lavender is supposed to be relaxing- no wonder this shrink likes it so much.  Cacharel also has lavender and sandalwood notes-  their similarity is prolly why the both appeal to me.

I’m very sensitive to smell- my olfactory prowess is well known to A who is relatively smell-challenged. I can smell the good, the bad and the ugly way before her, if she even picks up on it.  I don’t know if I was always this way- sometimes I wonder whether my sense awareness was expanded by Zonker Harris day at Wesleyan.

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