June 2, 2006 Can I get an Amen?

24 Jun
This is precious.  I’ve just been seated at Cezanne, the French restaurant at Le Merigot in Santa Monica and I’mthe  only person in the entire restaurant.  I just had a great yoga class with Sarra which turned into a private cos no one else showed up.   I’m being waited on hand and foot.  3 waiters plying me with bread, sparkling water.  The waiter has just brought out my grilled chilean seabass in a soy ginger reduction with scalloped potatoes and leeks. The piano guy is playing to an audience of one. AND HE’S PLAYING CLOCKS BY COLDPLAY.  I rule.   Some moments are priceless as they say and this is one of them.  
I met with Dr. A today at his world headquarters in Newport Beach.  First, a word about Orange County.  Whoah!!!  Fancy rides everywhere you look, shops everywhere and all the houses are over a million bucks.  Even with a doctor’s salary, out here I’d be poor.  What is up with that!   So Dr. A gave me a brief tour of his shop, showed off his two SPECT machines, we talked about a couple of cases and then I met one of the docs who works for him- L –  a second gen Indian shrink like me.  Larry’s dealing with sticker shock on the real estate prices and D is telling him to jump in as an investment. Then we hopped into D’s beemer and headed to lunch.  D’s tennis coach is VIC BRADEN.  D’s  thinking about a  licensing agreement he is thinking of developing with people who train with him in SPECT brain imaging.  He also pretty much offered me a job in any one of his 4 locations: Tacoma, Fairfield, Newport Beach and Reston.  I can’t imagine leaving Wilmington  but I must admit that California is still a very enticing proposition at times. I love the vibe out here.  The traffic sucks and the real estate is crazy expensive so I guess maybe I’ll just do lots of CME out here.

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